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We have a variety of turning machines that serve different purposes.  Our Escomatic D2 is primarily used to turn blanks for our wire form machines.  (for parts that require a full groove)  Our two Brown & Sharpe 2G's and our Brown & Sharpe Ultra are all equipped with Lipe automatic bar feeders.  These machines are primarily used to turn blanks for our Tamperproof Key Rings.  With our newest acquisition, a HAAS ST20SSY which has live tooling, we have the capability to make more complex parts, allowing us to eliminate some 2nd operations.


Our 2G Brown & Sharpe's have a 1-1/4" spindle capacity and are equipped with Lipe Automatic Bar Feeds.

Our #2 Ultra Brown & Sharpe has a 1-1/4" spindle capacity, has a 2nd spindle for back side operations and is equipped with a Lipe Automatic Bar Feed

Our Escomatic D2 has a 5mm spindle capacity and uses coil stock.

Our HAAS ST20SSY has a 2" bar stock capacity.  It is equipped with live tooling and a programmable tail stock.