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Wire Forming

Wire form fabrication has been the cornerstone of our business since 1977, primarily making parts for the automotive industry.  We have made some modifications to our Nilson S-3's to more suit our needs.  One machine has a dedicated hopper feed to form blanks (turned in our Escomatic screw machine)  for parts that require a groove.  On another Nilson, we have added a PLC, where we can control exactly where the machine is in it's cycle, and program other options like air blow off's, and limit switches that shut down the machine for such reasons as the machine running out of material, when the wire buckles, and when the machine has reached the end of a specific batch.

Our Nilson S-3's have the capability to add perforations, swages, coin (groove) and flats on wire parts in process.  We can work with up to .187 diameter wire
at a maximum length of 19".                                            
                                   Our Nilson S-3 equipped with hopper feed                                             Our Nilson S-3, coil fed &  equipped with PLC           

In addition to forming parts, our Nilson S-3's have the capability to put protrusions like "swages", "squirts", "coins" and thru holes in our       wireforms.  We also have a press head attachment that can stamp a flat onto a wire part. 

Samples of these protrusions are below:  (click on picture for a larger image)        

 Flat formed with press head          Coined Groove                   Squirt  Logo & Filigree stamped on   simultaneously opposite surfaces