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Inline Indicator Holder

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Inline Indicator Holder 

This indicator holder can speed up the process of finding the center of a hole or pin, because you shouldn't have to change the collet to fit the shank, and you can use the point to quickly find the rough center.  This tool will also make indicating small holes and pins easier because once you set the indicator ball to be inline with the center of the shank, it should not need to be adjusted again. Another time saver!

Indicator Holder

Use the point of the shank to quickly find the rough
center of the hole.

Once you have found the rough center of the hole with the point of the shank, lower the indicator to find the exact center of the hole, as the indicator is directly in-line with the shank.





What's Included:

A) Multi-diameter shank for 3/8", 1/2" & 5/8" collets
(B) Pivot
(C) Dovetail clamp to attach your indicator

As an accessory, we offer a shank clamp to be used on indicators with a shank. The clamp attaches to the shank on your indicator.
This piece is sold separately and not included with purchase of the Inline Indicator Holder.

These pictures show the optional Shank Clamp in use.

Cuddeback Machining Inc.,
Apr 6, 2018, 11:32 AM