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Quick Change Pallet System for 5" or 6" Angle Lock Vises

Available in starter kits, (Jaw Set and 2 Pallets) or individually

The key keeps right to left location, while the dovetails hold the pallet down, with minimal pressure, preventing bowing of the pallet

Dovetails provide hold down pressure, while using minimal
tightening of the jaws.  We suggest the use of a small speed wrench.
With the design of the key flush with the edge of the jaw, the jaws
can be used to clamp an ordinary block of steel for milling.

The jaws and keys are hardened and ground tool steel allowing for repeat-ability and longevity.  Jaws are available in 2 sizes.  (5" and 6")

Pallets are made from low carbon steel.  They are available in
4 different sizes.  (6"x4", 6"x6", 8"x4", 8"x6")