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The Yard Blade® cattail cutter

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               The Yard Blade®      5'-15' 3pc Telescoping Pole           Replacement Blade             Rake Attachment


 The "Yard Blade" – Cattail Cutter / Garden Weed Cutting Tool Kit with Straight or Serrated Edge
 Straight Edge $38.00ea. 
 Serrated Edge $40.00ea.                                                           
 5' - 15' 3pc Telescoping Pole  $36.50ea.   
Replacement Straight Edge Blade 17.00ea. 

 Replacement Serrated Edge Blade 19.00ea. 
 Rake Attachment with quick change hardware  $44.00ea.  
  • Light weight, durable hardened steel blade with straight cutting edge.
  • 10" blade makes it easy to maneuver to cut around plants that you wish to keep.
  • Handle can be adjusted for left or right hand use, and is set to an angle to make cutting vegetation easy with the simple pull from shore.
  • Uses 1” diameter telescoping pole  (can be purchased on our website or at any local pool supply store)
  • Great for removing cattails from garden ponds.  (must cut below the water's surface to drown roots and prevent new growth*)  
  • Also great for weeding the vegetable garden and even cleaning up Day Lillies and Hostas at the end of the season!
  • Kit includes blade and all hardware required to attach to 1" telescoping pole.  (Telescoping pole not included)
      To purchase, select any item below:
             The Yard Blade®      5'-15- 3pc Telescoping Pole           Replacement Blade             Rake Attachment

What people are saying about THE YARD BLADE®:

        "Amazing product.  Great invention.  Cleared 400 sq ft of cattail in 15 minutes!!".....  (Ebay Customer)

        "I just got done cutting the cattails in my pond, and I must say I am impressed!  The Yard Blade slices through them like a hot knife through butter!  At first I had one of my         kids doing it, but it's kind of fun, so I finished the job!  Thanks, makes me interested in what else you have invented!" ......(Tim Gabriel, Hilton, NY)           

 "This cattail cutting tool is awesome!  My husband and I cleared a 15’x15’ area in no time.  You can cut the cattails at the base and drag them to the shore.  We purchased
  the straight edge blade and also the telescoping pole.  It was shipped right away.  I highly recommend the company and these 2 products.  Thank you Cuddeback                           Machining  for developing the cutting tool (very well made), it made our job a lot easier".  (Julie F.,  West Chicago, Illinois)

"Your yard blade works like a Champ!! I've been looking for something like this to cut cattails and rushes from the bank of my pond for years and wasted money on useless tools. Your blade cuts them like butter and I've cleared the brush in no time. Even slices through the blackberries intertwined with the rushes. Awesome invention and so simple. I have the serrated blade and it even snags the floating rushes and allows me to pull them into the bank without getting my feet wet. Thanks so much!" (Mark H., Grass Valley, CA)

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We had built a house and needed fill dirt for around the house. Our excavating contractor said we had room for a pond and it would be cheaper than trucking in fill ..... so yes, lets build a pond. We added some fish, and our neighbors gave us some lily pad plants and other ornamental plants. The pond was great! After a few years though, we had some cattails growing. Ok, I thought, a few is ok. Then, the next year they more than doubled in quantity. The year after that, there were so many that we couldn't actually see the pond anymore. That is when I started thinking about trying to remove them. We could call the excavating contractor to dig out the pond sides again, but we would lose our lily pads and other plants. There are chemicals we could use, but it didn't really seem right to us. We were not sure what it would do to the plants and fish.

So, being a machinist, I went to the shop and made a blade and attached it to a broken rake handle, then started cutting them down. Meanwhile, my wife started researching cattail removal methods online and found on the "Cornell Cooperative Extension" website that "drowning" them is a method in which you cut them below the water line. Armed with this information, and experience from cutting some of the cattails down, I made a different cutting blade and went to work on cleaning the pond. We now do a maintenance cleaning of cattails twice a year. The first time is after the 4th of July (because cutting them in the spring actually promotes growth) and then again in the fall. That is when we discovered that it is also a great tool for cleaning up our day lilies and hostas in the yard at the end of their growing season.

Cuddeback Machining Inc.,
Apr 6, 2018, 12:18 PM